CT Assault Weapons Registry: What YOU Need to Know

CT Assault Weapons Registry: What YOU Need to Know

Confused by the new assault weapons ban? Arcana Arms is here to help.

As many of you are aware, in the last legislative session Connecticut’s Legislature passed H.B. 6667 (popularly coined by the CCDL as “The 2023 Assault Weapons Ban”). Amongst other tyrannical control measures, most notably it changed the definition of “Assault Weapon” in the state of Connecticut to include Pre-1994 “Preban” firearms with scary features and the CT Non-NFA AOW “CT-Others”. This ban is all-inclusive of these firearms, with very few exceptions to the registration. CCDL posted a full breakdown of 6667 here. Thankfully, we were able to sell these firearms for a short time before the passage of 6667, and many of Arcana’s customers were able to acquire their bucket-list firearms prior to the full enactment of the ban. Some points of clarification here because we’ve been hearing a lot of misinformation out there about this…

1. Yes, even though you beat the deadline to own them you MUST register your Prebans/Others as AW’s or convert them into a post-6667 compliant manner by 5/1/24.

2. No, you can NOT buy an Other or Preban any longer. There is no longer a “preban” exception to Connecticut’s Assault Weapons Ban. Any firearms transferred now are in post-6667 compliant configuration.

Yes, yet again they’ve successfully confused everyone and made it easy to become a felon.

Something that caught many gun owners off-guard is that the online portal for the registry auto-populates with all of the information that the state has retained on YOUR firearms. All lawful transfers are in their records… and no, this was not illegal for them to do. There are reports that these records are only partially complete, but SLFU has stated to individuals that the population of the system is a work-in-progress and that more DPS-3-C’s (CT Sale/Transfer Form) are being processed. Somewhat recently a national registry was busted, but we do not have that kind of privacy from the government here in CT. See the AW Portal link and more information on the SLFU page. 

The deadline to register per the SLFU is “By 5/1/24”. In order to help our community meet this standard, Arcana Arms will be offering FREE help on the “Assault Weapons Certificate Application, DPS-414c”. No appointment needed, we will help you. 

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