The 2023 CT Assault Weapons Registry is HERE!

If you own Others or Prebans: they were made ILLEGAL with H.B. 6667.

Register them by April 30th, 2024 per the instructions provided by the State Police: SLFU Page

If you DO NOT register, you will be at risk of being charged with possession of a now-ILLEGAL assault weapon!

Share this information with EVERYONE! It’s up to us to make sure that our community knows what’s going on.

Additional updates from the shop:

  1. If you have a build on layaway from pre-6667’s signing, you MUST contact us by THIS SATURDAY and pay in full. It needs to be IN YOUR HANDS by Oct 1st.
  2. Despite the change with private transfers, we got your back! Transfers will remain $25! Even better, BOGO if you leave a Google Review while in the shop!
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